Air conditionier

Autobuso oro kondicionieriai

Probably everyone working in passenger transportation and related fields will agree that air conditioner is absolutely necessary in far a modern, high quality bus. It makes a journey much more pleasant and can sometimes be crucial to the passengers‘ comfort. On a hot day air conditioner can provide a much needed relieve from the oppressive heat, on the other hand, if it does not function properly, you are likely to hear complaints of frustrated travellers.

Donmartas Ltd., the largest specialized spare bus parts retailer in the Baltic countries and the owner of Busexpert brand agrees that air conditioner is something that every bus must have in order to meet the quality expectations of present-day passengers. The company‘s experts emphasize that in order to make sure that the conditioner functions well it is extremely important to take good care of it. Just like any other devices, air conditioner does its best not only if it‘s a high quality product, but also if it is looked-after properly. Its life span depends on the conditions and frequency of use as well as on regular maintanance. During the maintenance it is very important to clean the air filters, check if they work well, and disinfect them. Normally the conditioner works by sucking in the air and then blowing it out into the bus, once the filters have cleaned it. If the filters are dirty and clogged, the air the passengers and the driver breathe gets contaminated with dust, various particles and bacteria, and this may have grave health consequences.

Another important part of the air conditioner is the compressor. It is very hard to repair once it‘s broken, however, it is pretty easy to check if your compressor works the way it should: just turn on the air conditioner and switch on the ventilation function. There should be no buzzing or other unusual noise.

Parts for air conditioners

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Donmartas Ltd. sells all kind of bus and minibus parts, such as compressors, ventilators, filters, valves, remote controls, conditioner radiators etc. It also offers a wide range of high quality air conditioners and their parts. You can also order the parts you need. The company has been in the business for over 10 years, and during this time has gained its clients‘ trust. The company values its reputation and aims at providing the best quality services, this is why the spare parts on offer are high quality, durable and produced by trustworthy manufacturers, such as the globally renown Autoclima, Frenzel, Hispacold, Wabco, Spheros, Man and others.