Coffee machines on buses: happy customers and more travel reservations

Travel is an integral part of life for many people. We can freely choose the purpose of the trip and the desired transport. The more different carriers, the wider range of choices. For travelers, this is a great opportunity to travel cheaper and conveniently, and here, carriers, seeking to remain competitive, have to think how to attract travelers to choose their transport. One of these innovations is the coffee machines on the bus.

Lower ticket price – no longer guarantee customer traffic

In order to attract customers to travel on your bus, it would not be enough to reduce only the ticket price. Airline companies are now increasingly offering cheap airline tickets, so many people are considering whether it is worth spending more time on a bus that is likely to be uncomfortable, without amenities... Therefore, it is necessary to make sure the bus is neat and comfortable for travelers. This is especially true for people traveling on longer trips. It is no secret that many bus trips are chosen because of the fact that when traveling, people can see not only the country to which they are going, but also the others through which they pass. In this respect, it is much more interesting to travel by bus, so it is important to make sure that buses are adapted for such trips and you will have a lot of customers!

Give your travels a tasteful experience!

One of the options for making travel even more comfortable and enjoyable is the coffee machines on the bus. They will definitely leave a good impression and delicious memories. It is a great feeling when you can drink delicious and fresh coffee at any time during the trip without looking for the stoppage of a petrol station or a shop. Just as with snacks: we do not want to search anywhere and we are in a state of inferiority when we are hungry. As a result, we offer an innovation: a wide range of coffee and snack machines for buses in compliance with the dimensions of your bus area. In our store you can buy both bigger and smaller variants that can be customized even when you think that there is not enough space on the bus.

Coffee machines to suit every need

Currently, buses are offered to install automatic, capsule or coffee machines with thermos. On our site you will find automatic coffee machines of one of the most famous coffee machines manufacturer “JURA“, which will allow you to create fresh coffee with excellent flavor. These machines will allow you to make a drink of various flavors, according to your favorite coffee drinking habits. Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha or Classic Black – using the automatic machines, you will make extraordinary tasty coffee of any kind without much effort for the start of the day or the energy flurry during the day. Swiss quality – for making the most delicious coffee on your bus!

Capsule coffee machines – a great way to enjoy tasty coffee and put less effort into the care of the machine. In general, this type of machines requires at least maintenance. It is really easy to make coffee using them, by choosing the desired capsules, you can make drinks of all kinds of flavors, and cleaning (performing a dropdown procedure), depending on the frequency of use, will be required once every 2-4 weeks.

Coffee machines with thermos – a great option for those who want to offer their customers hot and fresh coffee during the trip without stopping anywhere. True, these machines limit: only black coffee can be offered to passengers. Its strength can be adjusted depending on the coffee beans, and then you can offer the passengers milk or cream if they like their coffee with milk. The main advantages of this machine are low cost and easy maintenance.

For more information on each model, please contact us by phone. Choose the product that suits your needs and financial expectations, and give passengers the opportunity to enjoy delicious and fresh coffee during their trip, and they will smile and give a good response to their friends. After all, the recommendation to others is the best advertisement. So, when thinking about the future, invest the first in innovation!