About Webasto

Webasto, founded in Germany in 1901 by Wilhelm Bajer and still run by his descendants, is one of the world's largest suppliers for cars and buses and one of the largest companies in the country. The company has come a long way from a small family business to a world-renowned enterprise with branches in 46 countries. Webasto manufactures heating, ventilation and cooling systems for automobiles, buses, minibuses and various specialized land and water vehicles. The company is currently considered one of the world leaders in its field.

Webasto Products’ Use and Distinctive Features

One of the company's specializations is equipment for cooling and heating systems. There are two types of heating devices in the company’s product range: water heaters and air heaters. Their applications may vary, but both types of systems help the vehicle to operate more efficiently, providing more comfort for drivers, and saving them time.

The water heater is integrated into the engine cooling system and prepares the engine for operation before the vehicle is ignited. This helps to open the vehicle easily even at extremely low temperatures.

The air heating device heats up the vehicle's interior. Not only does it help the driver and passengers to feel more comfortable, it also makes driving easier, since the vehicle's windows are not frozen when the journey begins, so the driver can see the road perfectly from the start of the journey.

Webasto Products’ Use and Distinctive Features

The engine heater is extremely compact and easy to install. It quickly warms up the engine to the required temperature before it is turned on, thus saving the engine and preparing it for operation. The interior of the vehicle is also warmed up so passengers of buses or minibuses can feel cozy and comfortable from the start of the journey. You can also select the fuel pre-heating function. This system works even at very low temperatures, and the integrated diagnostic system helps to save energy when the vehicle is idle.

One of the most advanced, innovative features of the company's heating system is the engine-off technology, which allows maintaining constant engine and interior temperatures even when the engine is turned off. It uses heat generated during driving, which is distributed inside the vehicle and used to maintain the engine’s temperature. When the accumulated heat accumulation is used up and the engine starts to cool, the heating function for the parking mode is activated automatically.

Webasto air heating system features compact and user-friendly design. It can be installed inside or outside the vehicle. This device is indispensable in winter - it heats up the air in the cabin and / or in the cargo compartment, operates quickly and quietly, and maintains constant temperature at all times. It is possible to choose fresh or recycled air. The device does not require much energy, is economical and easy to maintain. It can also be installed in vehicles transporting dangerous goods.

Webasto’s Expansion

The company's steady growth is a testimony to the quality of its products and services. Webasto has a number of branches abroad. The first ones were opened in the USA in the 1970's, near Detroit, and in Japan. Now in Asia Webasto also operates in Korea and China, and in its native Europe, the company owns factories in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia.