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High-quality voltage converter with a constant power of 2500 watts and instantaneous power of 5000 watts. It is powered by 24 V, providing an output of 230 V. The series of electronic voltage converters IPS is used to power electrical devices requiring 230 V AC voltage from 24 VDC batteries and automobile installations. Main characteristics: high-quality design, total power 5000 W, nominal power 2500 W, inverters are ideal for places where there is no possibility of direct connection to the power grid. The IPS series converters produce the so-called modified sinusoidal wave. By using this method of voltage generation, it is possible to significantly reduce the price and improve the reliability of the entire device. The inverter is not suitable for power supplies equipped with asynchronous motors or transformers, such as power tools, household appliances and fluorescent lamps with electromagnetic ballasts.
SKU BE0000241
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Warranty 12 Months
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