Busexpert Donmartas LTD was awarded the certificate of CrefoCert STABILUS

Busexpert Donmartas LTD was awarded the certificate of CrefoCert STABILUS. It is an official confirmation by Creditreform Lietuva LTD that a company is solvent and is of good economic state for more than five year. Such assessment is granted on the initiative of Creditreform Lietuva LTD only provided that a company meets all the requirements and is not for sale.

sertifikatas busexpert profesionalu


We are very proud of the prestigious “Gazelle” award given to us many times. “Gazelle” contests are organized in several countries - Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Austria and the Baltic countries. In Lithuania, they are being prepared by “Verslo žinios” together with the State Tax Inspectorate.

This honorable award means an objective assessment of our achievements and hard work. The “Gazelle” prize is significant as it confirms that the company operates smoothly and grows successfully. Candidate evaluators review the turnover of the last four years, if it is steadily increasing, the company may already qualify for the award, but it is very important that the mere spike in turnover is not enough. Not less important criteria are transparency and publicity of the activity - whether the company pays taxes, honestly settles with the employees, whether the salaries paid to them are not lower than the average salary of the employees of the companies operating in the field, etc. These aspects are assessed responsibly by the tender partner, the State Tax Inspectorate, and some of the companies, although having stable growth, do not meet the transparency criteria and do not fall into the next stage of the contest. That’s why the “Gazelle” award means a lot to us - it confirms that we are not only successfully operating, vibrant and viable company, but we work honestly and we are worthy of trust.