We offer a wide range of bus parts.


We supply a 6 to 12-month warranty for our items.


Within the Lithuanian territory, we deliver items within between 2 to 24 hours.


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Bus parts

In our range of products you will find plenty of various items that are necessary to ensure that different systems of the bus and their parts function smoothly. For the body of the bus we offer the following international bus parts for sale: doors systems, (generally they are are much more prone to malfunctions than those of regular cars because they are put under strain daily a lot more), trunk springs (they are also used a lot every day and thus more prone to malfunctions), side lights, fog lights and rear lights; and mirrors of various sizes that ensure good visibility on the road. With products of different sizes and made by different manufacturers we give our clients the opportunity to choose the best option depending on their needs. Business connections we‘ve made during our years of work have helped us to create a platform that offers our customers quality body parts for various bus models at competitive prices. We also offer minibus parts for both new and older minibuses: level regulators‘ cranes, bus body level regulators, exhaust pipe gaskets, door rubbers, bumper corners, fuel hose sets and button frames. The parts we offer all meet high quality standards and are resistant to humidity. All our products meet the European Union‘s high quality requirements for means of transport and their parts and have certificates to prove it.

One of the most important factors that makes the journey pleasant on a hot summer day is a well functioning air conditioner. In order to make sure it works properly it is necessary to look after its compressor because its main function is to ensure the right movement of the cooling liquid inside the air conditioner. In our catalogue we offer these air conditioner parts: AC compressors, ventilators, radiators, filters, valves and joints, control blocks that ensure that the whole AC system functions properly and without technical glitches. It is absolutely necessary to take care of good air conditioning in order to keep the regular clients satisfied and attract new ones. We live in the 21st century, when passengers are more likely to pay more for more comfortable and pleasant journeys instead of choosing cheaper and less convenient options. Travelling is becoming part of so many people‘s every day lives, that is why now there are more options than ever: if before busses were almost the only reliable way to commute, now most people have their own cars or can afford to fly a short distance. However, travellers still like and often choose tourist trips by bus, because that way they see more than if they take a flight. Therefore it makes sense to provide the best possible comfort on the bus, including a well functioning AC!

Make sure your brake system functions faultlessly in order to be certain that your passengers are safe. In our website you will find products that fit both new and old bus and minibus models: brake pads, disks, drums, supports, air system‘s parts, brake repair sets – the bus parts will help to reduce the risk of accidents on the road. Safety on the road is what matters the most, this is why it is recommended that you inspect this system often and repair it as soon as even a minor problem is suspected. This also prevents your financial losses, because if one part is faulty and not repaired, it leads to more damage to the system. Thanks to our trustworthy partners we have the possibility to offer our clients only the best and highest quality vehicle parts that have a remarkably long term of use, therefore they come with a 6 to 12 months guarantee. Another advantage of long term collaboration is that we can offer the best prices for these parts. This is why we suggest that our customers think twice before purchasing used parts of brake system from other vendors, as it may not be the wisest investment. An item that you are not sure about may break very soon, and that will waste your time and inevitably lead to financial loss. Of course, your clients will be dissatisfied too. .

For smooth functioning of the electronic equipment of your bus we offer generators, batteries, transmitters, control blocks, power buttons, interior light switches, autopilot handles, reels, lamps etc. If you‘ve noticed that a newly purchased battery needs to be recharged frequently, do not lose time – check the state of the generator which is responsible for distributing the electric charge to other parts of the bus. Otherwise one day you may simply not be able to turn your bus on, or,even worse, it may break in the middle of a journey. A broken generator does not charge the battery, this is why once it has used up all the energy it does not supply the energy to other parts of the vehicle. It is just as important to change broken lamps, reels, transmitters, switches etc. because when they do not work properly it may rally spoil a long journey. Our objective is to provide only high quality bus and minibus parts and to be a reliable partner to our clients. We ourselves work only with trustworthy manufacturers of buses and bus parts, such as: BOSCH, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, SOLARIS, SETRA, WEBASTO, WABCO and many others, you can find a more detailed list on our website under the heading Manufacturers. All the manufacturers and suppliers we work with have certificates and other documents provided by independent inspecting organizations that prove the quality of their products.

For the passengers‘ comfort you will find everything you need on out website: bus interior parts, seats, toilet parts, audio and video equipment, coffee and snack machines. A beautiful interior adds comfort to the journey, passengers feel more at ease, however, if the seats are uncomfortable or the toilet does not work, they will hardly choose to travel with the same company, no matter how gorgeous the bus is. This is why we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the conditions of the seats whenever you choose a new bus or renovate an old one. If the seats are worn off or cannot be reclined, change them at once. This is the only way to avoid negative feedback from passengers after a long journey and you will be able to expect that they will choose to travel with your vehicles once again. Also do not forget to make sure the toilet functions well and is looked after, so that passengers do not have to ask the driver to make unscheduled stops. This will allow the driver to proceed with the journey as planned and reach the destination in time. Video and audio equipment will emphasize your ambition to move ahead with time and will make the journey even more pleasant and memorable.


The area of our expertise is assistance in purchasing and selling buses as well as new international bus parts, we offer a remarkably wide range of spare parts for sale. We are very glad to be a team of professionals who are passionate about their work. We have a wide selection of spare bus parts, all in one place. We have a lot of experience and know what our clients need the most. We know how inconvenient it is to search for spare parts in different stores – it consumes a lot of time, this is why we have put a lot of effort into being able to provide our clients with all the necessary parts from one supplier – us. On our website you will find all the necessary parts for the suspension. Our products come with a long term guarantee, which ensures our clients that if a product does not suit their needs, we will replace it with a different one. In our catalogue you can find reliable spare international bus parts for sale as well as minibus parts for both new and older models. If you cannot find a part for a particular bus model, contact us – we will help you find it or order it directly from our suppliers.

If you want to attract customers and convince them to choose buses of your company for traveling, it is important to make sure passengers feel comfortable. With this in mind we offer a variety of interior elements and parts that improve the traveller‘s comfort and we strongly recommend that you make sure to have an extra heating system of the engine. We offer a wide range of heating system‘s parts for buses: circular suction devices and autonomous heaters, as well as water valves. We also have fuel injectors, temperature and other indicators, thermostats, control blocks, switches and sensors that are necessary for maintaining the right temperature. We cooperate with such well known manufactures as WEBASTO and EBERSPACHER, who always provide high quality products. We have been selling their products for many years and have received many positive reviews from our clients, therefore we can vouch for their products. An autonomous heating system gives you the possibility to board passenger on an already pre-heated bus, and they do appreciate it when travelling in winter! Certainly, this kind of system also aids the engine of the minibus, because the extra heating system heats the vehicle in subzero temperatures. If you make sure you have a well functioning heating system, you will provide much more comfort to passenger who choose to travel with you.

We offer the cooling system‘s parts necessary for the bus engine, belts and filters. We provide only high quality bus and minibus parts for sale. We quickly adapt to the changing market needs and always seek to offer our customers the best spare parts and the most convenient way to obtain them, this is why we have created a platform that allows customers to find the parts they are looking for easily and conveniently. You will not have to spend much time searching for specific parts, going from one shop to another, because everything you may need is in one catalogue! You will save both your time and your money - instead of still searching for the needed parts you will know that our staff are already processing your order and you can start planning your repair works! If you have any questions regarding the status of your order, all you have to do is dial our number - your time is precious to us, so we react immediately to every questions or issue. In order to ensure that your engine lasts longer, take care of its cooling system - the ventilator must work perfectly, because it is responsible for creating the artificial.

On our website you may find various international bus parts for sale as well as minibus parts of reputable and reliable manufacturers. For smooth gear change we offer clutches, gear boxes and their parts (wires, flanches, valves etc.) It is important to ensure that switching gears is easily and convenient and does not interfere with the engine‘s function. Do not forget to change the gear box oil in time, because it has an influence on the whole gear system‘s exploitation time. (cables, flanges, valves etc.). Our search system allows clients to find the desired gear box part according to the manufacturer or model and to learn more information about the particular part. If you need more assistance or cannot find the part you are looking for, we are available for consultation. We will check our stock and, if we have what you need (in most cases we do), we will deliver the parts the same day or the next day. We can also order the parts you need for you. Our goal is to make the repair work of your vehicle as fast as possible so that you can return to your scheduled operations without further delays. We can deliver the whole batch of goods, or part by part, if at the moment we do not have everything we need and thus save your time.

On our website you will find professional cleaning products designed specifically for busses as well as accessories that are needed to ensure a smooth ride and to protect the bus: oil, anti-freeze liquid, brake liquid and liquid for window washing. We recommend that when choosing anti-freeze liquid you pay attention not to its color, as people often do, but rather to its ingredients. Choose a product that has the same ingredients that you‘ve always used and take into consideration the season of the year. It is important to note that a high quality anti-freeze liquid will protect the engine from both overheating and corrosion. In the same category we also have: shampoo, foam for upholstery and various cleaning products for cleaning the engine. It is important to remember that products made specifically for buses are much more efficient than those intended for to clean cars and sold for general public. Since in cases of long journeys it may be difficult to predict the weather, we sell both winter and summer chemical products for buses all year round. With us you can find absolutely everything you need for maintenance of your bus - on our website you may find both cleaning products that ensure tidy and neat look of your bus, and high quality bus parts that you may need to have a perfectly functioning vehilce.