You can find out the prices of the items by contacting our managers, submitting an inquiry on this website, inquiring over the phone +370 5 213 7130 or by email support@busexpert.eu.

In what ways can I order the items?

You can order the items by filling out the form at our online store, by contacting sales managers on the phone +370 5 213 7130, by email support@busexpert.eu or by visiting us at the address Naugarduko str. 99, Vilnius, Lithuania.

How can I pay for the items?

You can pay for the items in the following ways:
1.  By electronic transfer using online banking.
2.  By bank transfer at the bank branch of your choice.
3.  In cash when collecting the items at Naugarduko g. 99 in Vilnius. At the moment, we are not able to accept bank cards.

Note:  When sending a bank transfer over online banking or at a bank, don’t forget to put your order number in the payment purpose field.

What delivery methods can I choose from?

Within Vilnius, we deliver the items ourselves, and we can send them to other cities by courier. You can also collect the items at the address Naugarduko str. 99 Vilnius - just contact us beforehand.

Can I purchase the items at your warehouse?

Yes, as long as we have the item in stock. You will also be provided with comprehensive professional consultations. The items can be paid for in cash.

Do you issue VAT invoices?

Yes. To receive a VAT invoice, supply the necessary details in advance.

How long will it take to receive the ordered items?

We ship out the items on the same day they were ordered. If the ordered item is in stock, you will receive it within 1 business day from the order. In other cases, delivery time depends on the specific agreement.

Which items receive a warranty?

Warranty is supplied to all items in accordance with EU regulations. We provide certified supplier warranties of 6 to 12 months.

Which bus manufacturers are supported?

We sell parts for buses of the most popular manufacturers such as SETRA, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, MAN, NEOPLAN, BOVA, TEMSA, ISUZU, SCANIA, IVECO, SOLARIS, DAF, VANHOOL, VDL, EVOBUS, OTOKAR - usually, we have them in stock. We can also order parts for buses made by less popular manufacturers on individual basis.

What brands of parts do you sell?


Do you apply discounts?

Yes, we are flexible and can offer exclusive prices to our loyal clients based on purchase volumes.

Are the parts you sell new?

We do not deal in used parts - all the items we sell are new.

If a part does not fit, can I exchange it for a different one?

The client may return a good-quality item or exchange it for an analogous or different item, or receive a refund for the item within 14 calendar days after the item was delivered.

Can I return purchased items?

If the items are not broken or otherwise damaged, they can be returned and refunded within 14 calendar days from delivery. We do not accept returns in case of special-order items.