1. About

1.1.         Website collects data about visitors as well as from visitors to determine if the website is useful, informative and how to improve it in the future, and the purpose of the data collection is to promote the business development of “BusExpert“, its product and service purchasing and direct marketing, customizing the website and commercial messages according to the visitor's habits.

1.2.         By collecting data in the website, the Name always follows this Privacy Policy, which provides detailed information about what data is collected, how it is used and who has access to this data.

1.3.         Each visitor has the rights that enable him to control his privacy, while “BusExpert“ provides the opportunity to take advantage of them and further provides information on how visitors can do so.

 2. The basis for processing the data of “BusExpert“ and personal data

2.1.         “BusExpert“ of visitors‘ personal data is UAB “Donmartas“, company code 301915776, address Naugarduko str. 99, Vilnius. Contact details can be found here:

2.2.         You can contact us by e-mail for any data protection related issues.

2.3.         The basis for the processing of personal data:

2.3.1.     “BusExpert“ processes personal data if:  The visitor submits personal data and it is necessary to process them for execution of a contract, for example, in order to answer the visitor's requests, to deliver the goods, to manage the e-mail, shipping address, etc. If the visitor does not provide “BusExpert“ with his personal data necessary for “BusExpert“ to execute the contract / order, “BusExpert“ will not be able to execute the contract / order. “BusExpert“ is not responsible for any related consequences;  the visitor data must be processed in order to comply with the applicable legal requirements of “BusExpert“. If “BusExpert“ does not have to process the information required by law, “BusExpert“ cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with his or her statutory obligations. If “BusExpert“ does not have personal data as required by law, it may affect the rights and obligations of the visitor. “BusExpert“ is not responsible for any related consequences;  processing is necessary in order to protect the legitimate interests of “BusExpert“ or a third party, for example by protecting personal data for the protection of their interests, where disputes are possible or for the purposes of business development of “BusExpert“, including the use of the visitor's contact information for the purposes of advertising goods;  The visitor gave his consent to the processing of his personal data, including the following cases:

a)     For the purposes of promotion of the business development of “BusExpert“, its product and service purchasing and direct marketing, including the purpose of customizing the website and commercial messages according to the visitor's habits.

For example, the consent to use cookies to collect personal data in order to monitor website usage habits or information from social media in order to promote the products and services of “BusExpert“. For the purposes described herein, such data as sex, date of birth, purchase / ordering habits, information on the use of photos and videos and usage habits, web pages visited, IP address, geographic information, social media usage habits, related to the products and services of “BusExpert“, as well as information about discounts and similar campaigns are collected on the basis of the consent.

 3. General provisions

3.1.         This Privacy Policy defines the website's basic principles and procedures for collecting, processing and storing personal data. The collection, processing and storage of the visitors’ personal data is governed by this Privacy Policy, the laws on the protection of personal data of the country of “BusExpert“ and other legal acts.

3.2.         Visitors, by themselves indicating their personal data, agree that “BusExpert” will manage and process them in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the objectives, means and procedures provided for in the legal acts.

 4. Website traffic statistics

4.1.         “BusExpert” improves its website and aims to make it as easy to use as possible. Also, in the context of agreements with the public authorities of the Republic of Lithuania on consumer education and advice on energy efficiency, it is important for “BusExpert” to know how many visitors have connected, which information is most relevant to website / portal visitors, how often they connect, what browsers and devices they use, what content is most often read, from which regions they are – therefore, similar demographic and statistical data are collected. “BusExpert” uses this data with a legitimate interest, as well as to understand the needs of its visitors and to provide services and make the published information more accessible.

4.2.         “BusExpert“ collects this information using the automated “Google Analytics“ tool, which allows to capture and analyze how visitors use the website. For more information about how “Google Analytics“ works and what information this tool allows to collect and analyze –

4.3.         Any visitor can turn off the function of his data collection “Google Analytics“ at any time, how to do it -

4.4.         “BusExpert“ uses "Hotjar", in order to better understand the needs of the users. "Hotjar" is a tool that captures user actions on the website. For more information, see "Hotjar" Privacy Policy by clicking this link:

5. Cookies

5.1.         What are cookies?

5.1.1.     A cookie is a small text item that a website saves on the visitor's computer or mobile device when the website is visited. This allows the website to remember for the visitor actions and settings (such as login name, language, alphanumeric values and other image settings) for a certain period of time so that the visitor will not need to enter them every time he visits the website again or browses through individual websites.

5.2.         How does “BusExpert” use cookies?

5.2.1.     “BusExpert“ uses cookies to collect visitor IP address and browsing information, such as visited websites or the time spent on each website. This allows the website to remember the visitor's system and settings.

5.2.2.     Cookies are installed on the visitor's device only with the consent of the visitor, with the exception of cookies that are strictly necessary for the technical operation of the website. It should be noted that if the visitor does not give the right to the website to use cookies, some of the functions of the website may be partially or completely inoperative.

5.2.3.     The legal basis for using cookies is the legitimate interest of “BusExpert“ in ensuring the technical functioning of the website. In cases where cookies are used to remember visitor options and to compile statistics, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the visitor's consent.

5.3.         How to manage cookies?

5.3.1      The visitor can manage and / or delete cookies – information about how to do this is indicated on  

6. Server records

6.1.         The server hosting the website of “BusExpert“ can also record queries that the visitor submits to the server (the website address opened by the visitor, the device and browser used by the visitor visitor's IP address and login time). These data are used only for technical purposes - to ensure that the website operates properly and safely, and to investigate potential security breaches.

6.2.         The basis for collecting and using this data is the legitimate interest of “BusExpert“ in ensuring the technical availability and security of the website.

7. Marketing

7.1.         If the visitor subscribes to a newsletter on the website of “BusExpert“ or otherwise provides with his contact data, “BusExpert“ can send information, newsletters or messages on topics selected by the visitor.

8. Profiling and automated data processing

8.1.         “BusExpert“ can use statistical data of the website visitors in order to analyze traffic and demographic trends, but “BusExpert“ does not create individual personal profiles for each visitor.

8.2.         Personal data provided by the visitor may be processed by automated data processing for the purposes of of promotion of the business development of “BusExpert“, its product and service purchasing and direct marketing, including the purpose of customizing the website and commercial messages according to the visitor's habits. Namely, “BusExpert“ can analyze the data associated with visiting the website and its use by providing advertising, goods, services, discounts, and offering participation in certain campaigns tailored to each visitor's habits and interests.

9. Who has access to the data

9.1.         The access to the statistical data about the visitors of “BusExpert“ is given to “BusExpert“ employees working at the department of “BusExpert“ who are responsible for analyzing these data and improving the website.

9.2.         Also the access to technical records can be given to the partners of “BusExpert“ providing “BusExpert“ with the website content management tools, services of hosting the website of “BusExpert“, data analysis and website development services.

9.3.         The “Google Analytics“ tool is provided by the company “Google Inc.“ (USA company), so it also has access to statistical data collected using this tool. “Google Inc.“ is committed to the application of the EU-US Privacy Policy principles, which ensure that the service provider meets the EU's privacy standards. This provider is also subject to contractual privacy obligations. About this -

10. How long the data is stored

10.1.         “BusExpert” uses the collected data for analysis up to 50 months.

10.2.         Cookies are valid for a short period (one day, week, or month), but in some cases it may take up to one year.

 11. Visitor's rights and how to use them

11.1.      By contacting “BusExpert“ by e-mail, you can take advantage of the right:

11.1.1.   to get acquainted with the processed personal data;

11.1.2.   to request to correct personal data;

11.1.3.   to request to delete personal data;

11.1.4.   if applicable, to cancel the consent to the processing of personal data.

11.1.5.   In some cases, it is possible to have the right to request the processing of personal data or to object to the processing of personal data.

11.2.      The visitor may exercise his rights in accordance with applicable EU and Lithuanian legal acts.

11.3.      If the visitor requests that his personal data be deleted, “BusExpert“ will only store copies of the information necessary to protect the legitimate interests of third parties, to comply with public authorities' obligations, to resolve disputes, to recognize interruptions, or to bound to comply with any agreements that the visitor has entered into with “BusExpert“.

 12. The right to file a complaint

12.1.      If the visitor believes that his privacy rights have been violated, he may file a complaint with the appropriate authority in the EU country in which he resides. Contact details of these authorities

 13. Suggestions

13.1.      If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at .